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Water Damage Testimonials

I'm writing to express my extreme gratitude for the work done at my Los Angeles home in the Hollywood area by Raffi Kitsinian and his team SERVPRO. From the moment I spoke with Raffi back in May I knew that we were in good hands. At the time my family and I had just returned home from a trip and it was completely soaked. As you can imagine, it was shocking and demoralizing to see all the damage done to the walls, floors, and furniture. When I called SERVPRO, in a controlled panic, Raffi responded with a calming tone and reassured me that he and his team would be able to help. He was right. Like a force of nature the team packed up our entire house, labeled boxes and cleared the way for the second wave of professionals to rip out the damaged hardwood floors, carpets, and wet walls. Throughout the entire process Raffi made sure to keep me updated with the progress of the work being done and completed the clean-up on time as promised. And now that we are set to begin the rebuild phase we once again are looking to Raffi and SERVPRO to help guide us through that process. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Raffi and his team. I will tell everyone who is in need of SERVPRO's services to call him.

Our washer leaked and damaged the floor in the laundry room and the bedroom carpet next to it. Called SERVPRO of Hollywood Hills/Los Feliz, and Raffi came a few hours later to give his recommendations. The very same afternoon he sent over his crew with their machines to start drying the damaged areas. After 48 hours they came back to rip off the floor that was damaged. His crew does outstanding work, very friendly and knowledgeable people. Raffi is very pleasant to deal with and makes things really easy to handle as he makes things happen fast.

SERVPRO of Hollywood Hills/Los Feliz is really the place to call if you get water damage and need to get quality remediation. A water pipe broke when we were gone and we got water in our crawlspace. After realizing it was not going to dry by itself and getting concerned about potential excessive humidity over time, we called SERVPRO of Hollywood Hills/Los Feliz to get an assessment of what needed to be done. Compared to other companies out there, I found SERVPRO of Hollywood Hills/Los Feliz to be a lot more rigorous and process oriented than most. They know how to get things done and they follow proven methods instead of experimenting around. I would highly recommend calling them if you are looking for that type of professional service.

I very rarely write letters reporting a good or bad job service done by a company but I had an experience with two SERVPRO guys that saved my house for me.  I had renters in my house for 3 years who called complaining of a mold smell.  I immediately called three different mold specialist to come to the house one being SERVPRO.  They all said it was so bad they couldn’t even give me an estimate but Raffi Kitsinian was the only one who told me that even though my insurance company turned me down I had a claim.  I have been paying my homeowners insurance for 16 years never calling in a claim and of course when I need them I’m turned down.  It seems there was a hot water pipe leaking under my house for about two years!  Raffi took the time to educate me with my situation and my insurance and said that he hoped down the road when the insurance did pay for the remediation I’d call him, and I did. Needless to say that when I met Raffi at my house I had tears running down my face and he told me it was going to be alright. He turned what could’ve been a nightmare situation of me having to sell my house into a wonderful situation of change. My renters decided to go back to their home state and I am back living in my house and loving it thanks to Raffi Kitsinian. You are so very lucky to have this guy as a part of your team, they are the BEST!

Excellent customer service! I am so grateful to the SERVPRO team, thank you!!! Job well done!

Excellent Service. Took the time to explain possible actions. Very patient and really thorough. Professional; patient; made certain the water issues were abated and the environment was ready for reconstruction.

Antonio was very helpful and kept me clued in to what was happening. The team was very professional and explained the process very well. Appreciated them!

I have referred others in need to SERVPRO of Hollywood Hills. The high standards are an obvious hallmark of the company's mission and to the Kitsinians because of the outstanding work they performed on my property, always with a smile, continually reassuring me, and being here or calling every day until the project was completed. I now know truly understand what SERVPRO's motto really mean..."Like it never even happened." And that's exactly right.

I wanted to take the moment to thank you for the excellent job you did at my condo last week. Burst pipes and water damage are always an ordeal to go through, but it was eased in part by your company. The precision of your work in cutting out the drywalls and plywood, and the way you protected our tiles. Wall, carpeting, etc. was as good as one could expect. Thank you for a job well done.

SERVPRO was referred to me through my property insurance agent. Upon my first meeting with (Raffi), I was impressed with his company's immediate response to my water damage emergency. They take a great deal of pride in their work and know how to take-charge and solve sudden problems. I couldn't imagine any other company ensuring that my problems were solved in a more considerate manner that SERPVRO. They are well thought of in my household.

SERVPRO assembled a team of professionals to work on the flooding damage (burst pipe) and restored everything as if nothing happened and did it quickly.